The main objective of this project is to establish links between structures and properties in charge ordered iron oxides.

The main goals of this collaboration work are:

  • the identification of new multifunctional materials suitable for applications, in order to continue the progress of information storage and telecommunication, taking in consideration that important improvements are needed for economy (cost reduction) and for health and environment;
  • the consideration of the importance of adequate synthesis methods: classic but also unconventional, relatively easy to achieve, that assure first of all high quality materials but in the same time present reduced energy consumption and cost;
  • the establishment of structures-properties relationships in mixed valence iron oxides in an extended temperature and pressure range;
  • the understanding of charge ordering in iron oxides with complex crystal structures and its “stability” vs. temperature and vs. high pressure;
  • to understand the relationship between charge ordering states and exciting physical properties (for instance, multiferroicity).

Thus, this project addresses fundamental research issues in both solid state chemistry and condensed matter physics in the field of transition metal oxides. The collaboration between researchers in materials synthesis and characterisation from the three laboratories promises that the main objectives of this project will be successfully accomplished.